Defence policy

Defence policy

Defence policy: scope, components, levels of ambition

Pandemics and Armed Forces: Which Roles Are Appropriate?

Clarke, John L.. "Pandemics and Armed Forces: Which Roles Are Appropriate?" Connections: The Quarterly Journal 19, no. 2 (2020): 77-88.

The Military’s Response to Pandemic Disease

The Covid-19 crisis has caused leaders in all affected countries to turn to their armed forces for support in an ever-expanding range of roles. Armed forces are being tasked to provide capabilities that, in many instances, go beyond what they have provided in past crises. It must be expected that these demands will continue to mount even as the current crisis abates, as the pandemic is expected to remain a top national concern for months to come.

Balancing Defense and Civil Support Tasks: The Impact of Covid-19 on the Bulgarian Military’s Roles

Tagarev, Todor. "Balancing Defense and Civil Support Tasks: The Impact of Covid-19 on the Bulgarian Military’s Roles." Connections: The Quarterly Journal 19, no. 2 (2020): 61-76.


The Bulgarian armed forces, just like the armed forces in many other countries, have three main roles: defense of the sovereignty and the national territory, contribution to international peace and security, and contribution to internal security, particularly in times of crises. In peacetime, the third of these roles is most visible to society. The military contribution during the Covid-19 pandemic makes no exception.

Initial Exploitation of Natural Language Processing Techniques on NATO Strategy and Policies

Defining the Concept of ‘Hybrid Warfare’ Based on the Analysis of Russia’s Aggression against Ukraine

Cooperative Capability Development

The lecture introduces the notion of "curse of the scale" and the need to seek economies of scale. It outlines the cooperation mechanisms in NATO and EU formats, and possble levels of cooperation and coordination in the national security sector, as well as the phases in the capability delivery process in which such coordination needs to take place.

Defence Policy and Defence Management

This lecture presents the scope and the content of a defence policy, the main variables and their interrelations. The national defence policy is devised in the context of allied defence policies, the national security policy, other public policies and the respective allocation of public resources. The terms “management” and “security strategy” are also examined briefly in their relation to the formulation of defence policies. Some key references are freely available online, in English.