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Most read in past 36 months

Title Total views
Capture the Flag for Cyber-Resilience Exercising through Cryptographic Puzzles and Collaborative Problem-Solving 283
Challenges in a 2035 Perspective: Roles for the EU as a Global Security Provider? 143
Capabilities-based Planning for Security Sector Transformation 118
AI-driven Cybersecurity Solutions, Cyber Ranges for Education & Training, and ICT Applications for Military Purposes 44
The Bulgarian Armed Forces in the Information Society 38
Perspectives in the Design of a Modern Cybersecurity Training Programme: The ECHO Approach 37
Fostering a Comprehensive Security Approach: An Exploratory Case Study of CBRN Crisis Management Frameworks in Eleven European Countries 34
Transformation: Military and Science 31
Context Scenarios in Long-Term Defense Planning 30
IT-related Challenges Facing the Bulgarian Armed Forces and Their Performance Related Impact 29
A System-of-Systems Approach to Cyber Security and Resilience 26
Enhanced Collaboration for Cyber Security and Resilience 25
'FOCUS': Foresight Security Scenarios to Plan for Research to Support the 'EU 2035' as a Comprehensive Security Provider 24
Governance Consulting Services and Tools: Governance Model Design for Collaborative Networked Organisations in the Cyber Domain 22
Simulation Modeling in Military Affairs: Status and Perspectives 21
ECHO Early Warning System as a Preventive Tool against Cybercrime in the Energy Sector 19
Harnessing the Potential of AI Against Covid-19 through the Lens of Cybersecurity: Challenges, Tools, and Techniques 19
Exploring the Role of the Human Factor in Cybersecurity: Results from an Expert Survey in Bulgaria 18
Design Science Research towards Privacy by Design in Maritime Surveillance ICT Systems 18
Prerequisites and Approaches to Force Modernization in a Transition Period 17
Problems of Digitized Information Flow Analysis: Cognitive Aspects 17
Generalized Net Model of Possible Drone’s Communication Control Cyber Theft with Intuitionistic Fuzzy Estimations 16
An Alternative of the System Approach to Functional Aspects Analysis of the Maritime Crisis Management System 14
Applying the System Approach to the Study of Critical Infrastructure 13
Cyber Protection of Critical Infrastructures, Novel Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Solutions 13
How to Support Teams to be Remote and Productive: Group Decision-Making for Distance Collaboration Software Tools 13
Institution Building for It Governance and Management 12
Governance Consulting Services and Tools: Transition Planning and Implementation for Collaborative Networked Organisations in the Cyber Domain 11
A Clustering Method for Information Summarization and Modelling a Subject Domain 11
The Hackathons as a First Step to Build Digital Competences 11
Telemedical Services for Disaster Emergencies 11
Trajectory Data Compression Using Speed-Course Threshold Followed by Adaptive Douglas-Peucker Algorithm 10
Information and Security at Dawn of the Twenty-First Century (in Bulgarian) 10
Information and Security at Dawn of the Twenty-First Century (in Bulgarian) 10
An IMMPDAF Solution to Benchmark Problem for Tracking in Clutter and Stand-off Jammer 10
Simulation of Critical Infrastructures 9
Towards Unified European Cyber Incident and Crisis Management Ontology 9
Integrated Security Management System for Enterprises in Industry 4.0 8
DIGILIENCE - A Platform for Digital Transformation, Cyber Security and Resilience 8
Evolving Models of Using Armed Forces in Domestic Disaster Response and Relief 8
A Software Tool ASR for a posteriori Cryptanalysis on Public Keys Generated with ‘RSA’ 8
Cybersecurity Strategy’s Role in Raising Kenyan Awareness of Mobile Internet Threats 7
The Computer Aided Exercise – An Alternative of the Conventional Exercises in the Armed Forces 7
Promoting Interagency and International Cooperation in Countering Hybrid Threats 7
Cybersecurity Innovation in NATO: Lessons Learned and Recommendations 7
Supporting Transformation 7
Strategies, Policies, and Standards in the EU Towards a Roadmap for Robust and Trustworthy AI Certification 7
A Model of ICT Competence Development for Digital Transformation 7
OSINT on the Dark Web: Child Abuse Material Investigations 7
Evaluating the Cross-impact of EU Functions as a Global Actor and Protector of Critical Infrastructures and Supply Chains 7