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Most read in past 36 months

Title Total views
Capture the Flag for Cyber-Resilience Exercising through Cryptographic Puzzles and Collaborative Problem-Solving 343
Capabilities-based Planning for Security Sector Transformation 188
Information Assurance Benefits and Challenges: An Introduction 164
Analysis of Cybersecurity Issues in the Maritime Industry 147
Challenges in a 2035 Perspective: Roles for the EU as a Global Security Provider? 146
Cognitive Attacks in Russian Hybrid Warfare 138
Interorganizational Cooperation in Supply Chain Cybersecurity: A Cross-Industry Study of the Effectiveness of the UK Implementation of the NIS Directive 101
How to Support Teams to be Remote and Productive: Group Decision-Making for Distance Collaboration Software Tools 94
Credit Card Fraud Detection Using Self-Organizing Maps 91
NATO-EU Cooperation in Cybersecurity and Cyber Defence Offers Unrivalled Advantages 90
Blockchain and AI for the Next Generation Energy Grids: Cybersecurity Challenges and Opportunities 84
Interorganizational Cooperation and the Fight against Terrorism in West Africa and the Sahel 81
Perspectives in the Design of a Modern Cybersecurity Training Programme: The ECHO Approach 80
A Logical Model for Multi-Sector Cyber Risk Management 74
AI-driven Cybersecurity Solutions, Cyber Ranges for Education & Training, and ICT Applications for Military Purposes 73
Utilising Experiential and Organizational Learning Theories to Improve Human Performance in Cyber Training 70
Cyber Threat Prediction with Machine Learning 70
A New Steganographic Algorithm for Hiding Messages in Music 67
Enhanced Collaboration for Cyber Security and Resilience 65
What If Blockchain Cannot Be Blocked? Cryptocurrency and International Security 64
Governance Consulting Services and Tools: Governance Model Design for Collaborative Networked Organisations in the Cyber Domain 64
Organizational Learning in the Academic Literature – Systematic Literature Review 63
Policy and Legal Frameworks of Using Armed Forces for Domestic Disaster Response and Relief 62
A Clustering Method for Information Summarization and Modelling a Subject Domain 62
The Importance of the 1936 Montreux Convention for the Black Sea Security: A Close Look into Russia-NATO Controversy on the Russian-Ukrainian Conflict in 2022 59
Challenges in E-Government and Security of Information 58
OSINT on the Dark Web: Child Abuse Material Investigations 58
CISE as a Tool for Sharing Sensitive Cyber Information in Maritime Domain 58
Cyber Protection of Critical Infrastructures, Novel Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Solutions 56
Governance Consulting Services and Tools: Transition Planning and Implementation for Collaborative Networked Organisations in the Cyber Domain 54
The Influence of Knowledge and Attitude on Intention to Adopt Cybersecure Behaviour 53
Ethics of Cybersecurity and Biomedical Ethics: Case SHAPES 52
ECHO Early Warning System as a Preventive Tool against Cybercrime in the Energy Sector 51
Public Key Generation Principles Impact Cybersecurity 50
Terrorist ‘Use’ of the Internet and Fighting Back 50
Information Sharing Models for Early Warning Systems of Cybersecurity Intelligence 49
Design Science Research towards Privacy by Design in Maritime Surveillance ICT Systems 49
Public-Private Partnerships for Information Sharing in the Security Sector: What’s in It for Me? 49
A Model of ICT Competence Development for Digital Transformation 48
Legislation, Vulnerability and Disaster Risk Management of Waterborne Diseases in Zimbabwe 48
Societal Impact Assessment of a Cyber Security Network Project 47
Cybernetic Approach to Developing Resilient Systems: Concept, Models and Application 46
Enhancing the Organisational Culture related to Cyber Security during the University Digital Transformation 46
An Approach to Improve Web Video Streaming Security and Prevent Personal Data Leakage 45
A Digital Twin for the Logistics System of a Manufacturing Enterprise Using Industrial IoT 45
Optimization of the Chief Information Officer Function in Large Organizations 44
Educational NASA Project: Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity at a Mobile Lunar Base 44
The Bulgarian Armed Forces in the Information Society 43
Cyber Situational Awareness and Information Sharing in Critical Infrastructure Organizations 43
Supply Chain Cyber Security – Potential Threats 43